Welcome to ODCW -            Orphans & Disabled Children of War
We, at ODCW, firmly believe there is no more urgent challenge to US national security, world peace and prosperity, than reaching out to children in war-torn regions of the world, who have been disabled, psychologically traumatized and/or orphaned, as a direct or indirect result of war.  Without intervention, these youngest and most vulnerable victims will continue to be exploited and manipulated into extreme causes, with generational consequences for the U.S. and the world.  To serve this cause, we, at ODCW, without any political or religious affiliation, but only with your generosity and help, pledge to;
1.  Provide psychological/social/vocational counseling/mentoring and psychological counseling to these children to broaden their view and understanding of the world beyond their boarders.  Inspire them to venture outside their world, and encourage them to build a bridge connecting them to the outside world.
2. To foster respect, understanding, and a sense of commonality between American children and children of these war-torn countries, by cultivating communication between these children and children of the United States.
3. Provide these children with financial assistance for educational and vocational training, giving these children hope and tools to empower them to choose a future outside the realm of extreme causes. 
4. Establish medical centers or provide existing centers in war torn regions of the world with medical supplies, equipment and staff to aid in the medical and psychological care for those children who have become orphaned and/or disabled as a direct or indirect result of war and need help.  
5.  Where necessary and feasible, arrange for medical treatment in the United States for orphans and disabled children of War. 
6. Educate the world about the cruelty and exploitation of orphans and disabled children of war into extreme causes, with the goal of preventing this ever evolving and dangerous trend. 
7. Facilitate cooperation among organizations in the United States and other countries, which support similar causes as those of ODCW.
8.  Occasionally the circumstances allow us to provide financial support for the children of law-enforcement officers whose disability and inability to provide for their children stems from an act of violence, which can justly be termed “domestic terrorism.” 
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