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The impact of your contribution
to Orphan and Disabled Children of War today is immeasurable. Your gift/donation is
tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. 
How ODCW Allocates Your Donations
To maximize our financial responsibility and efficiency, we are committed to only using a maximum of 25 cents of every dollar we receive in donations on overhead expenses, such as fundraising and administration.  At least 75% of your donation will go directly to the intended beneficiaries.   
As pledged in our Tax Exemption Application to the IRS, ODCW does not provide funds to organizations –whether governmental or non-government.  We have made this pledge to ensure that your donations reach the intended beneficiaries.  Thus, whenever funds become available after identifying potential beneficiaries and carefully assessing their needs, we designate a trusted representative in the given country.  Among other obligations, such a representative is tasked to;
 ·      personally meet with the intended beneficiaries and their care takers to personally deliver the funds ODCW has allocated to a particular beneficiary;
·      accurately assess the degree and the nature of future needs of the given beneficiary; and,
·      assess and document the impact of ODCW’s contribution on beneficiary’s life. 
The combination of these efforts significantly contribute to our financial responsibility and efficiency, and enhances the accuracy of our record-keeping.
*Please see our Mission Statement for more specific as what type of assistance we provide to our intended beneficiaries.
Donation/Pledge Instructions: 
To make a donation please click on the "Print Donation Form" hyperlink below to print out the donation form.  If you would like a tax deduction receipt for your donation, please provide us with your contact information as noted on the form. 

The donation/pledge form along with your check/money order, payable to Orphan & Disabled Children of War (ODCW), shall be mailed to:
Orphans & Disabled Children of War (“ODCW”)
P.O. Box 721325, San Diego, California 92172
Thank you for helping us make this world a safer and more pleasant place for all mankind. 
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